Public reports

Final Report DMAG-UoD

This report presents cross-cultural experiences of digital game play by older people in Dundee (Scotland). The report summarises the results of sixteen contextual inquiries, a 2-month participant observation study, and an activity of game play and design, all of which carried out in the Dundee User Centre. The report also presents a literature review of game accessibility guidelines. 

Final Report IIIA-CSIC

This report describes the design and development of SAGE, an intelligent game-based adaptation system. SAGE recommends activities to the players based on their playing behaviour. SAGE has been successfully integrated into the WorthPlay platform. This report also gives an overview of previous research on artificial intelligence in digital games, and adaptive games. 

Final Report GTI-UPF

This report gives an overview of the ethnographical research conducted in Àgora. This report also describes two iterations of participatory design and gives an account of an extended evaluation of the platform developed in the project in different situations of play. The report also presents the technical details of the platform, which enables older people and members of their social circles to both play and create digital games

D8.1 Second report on experiences of digital game play

This deliverable gives an account of the objectives, procedures and results of the second (and final) round of evaluation of the WorthPlay platform, which enables older people to both create and play games. Four playful activities were designed and conducted in different situations of play with around 70 older people, with basic and more advanced ICT skills, interested and not in games. The evaluation focuses on the experience of older people as a) players and b) game creators, and on c) changes in their game acceptance.

D11.3 - WorthPlay brochure

This is the promotional brochure of the WorthPlay project. It includes a brief overview of the objectives, activities conducted and the platform developed.

D2.1 First version of the human taxonomy of worth playing digital games by older people and their everyday digital game play

This version of the deliverable discusses the main results of the ethnographical research on everyday digital game play by older people carried out in Àgora in the framework of the WorthPlay project during three months. The work and analysis of the results conducted so far does not allow us, at this stage of the project, to generate the intended first version of the human taxonomy of worth-playing digital games by older people, as doing so requires more reflection on the activities conducted and a deeper analysis of the related literature.

D3.1 Definition of the game and its design

This deliverable defines the concept of the game devised in the WorthPlay project at the current stage of the project (month 11). The concept of the game draws mainly on D2.1 and on a series of co-design activities conducted afterwards, from May to September 2012, both involving a large number of older people. The co-design activities helped us to validate the implications for design mostly drew from in situ observations and conversations with older people - discussed in D2.1, and to define with them key elements of what a worth playing digital game by older people should have.

D5.1 Development and integration of the game adaptation component

This deliverable is intended to present the game adaptation component of WorthPlay and to guide game developers on the task of coupling it into the WorthPlay platform.  The adaptation component aims at supporting players in designing the WorthPlay game they really want to play. It must predict the path of activities that better suits the player in accordance with her tastes and skills. We refer to this adaptation component as Smart Adaptive Game Engine (SAGE).

D7.1 Design and development of the second version of the games platform prototype

This deliverable outlines the main requirements and the technological approach adopted in the development of the Worthplay gaming platform. This deliverable has been written when the second prototype of the platform has been developed, and users have been playing and creating games on it for months. This deliverable can be used as a developers’ guide and includes some deployment aspects.

D9.1 Cross-cultural aspects of experience of digital game play

This deliverable reports on two studies conducted at the Dundee User Centre, in the School of Computing at the University of Dundee, in Scotland. One study addresses the attitudes of a group of older people towards digital game and their situated play of digital and non-digital games. The other study gives an account of a game play and creation session in which older people created themselves a number of games and played them by using the platform developed in the project (