D8.1 Second report on experiences of digital game play

This deliverable gives an account of the objectives, procedures and results of the second (and final) round of evaluation of the WorthPlay platform, which enables older people to both create and play games. Four playful activities were designed and conducted in different situations of play with around 70 older people, with basic and more advanced ICT skills, interested and not in games. The evaluation focuses on the experience of older people as a) players and b) game creators, and on c) changes in their game acceptance. The results show our participants had fun, reported learning and showed creativity while playing WorthPlay games. The results also indicate that older people can create games through the WorthPlay platform, which presents a radically new view of older people in games research, and that creating or designing games brings empowerment and social recognition benefits. Finally, the results indicate significant changes in the acceptance of games amongst our participants before and after playing (and creating) WorthPlay games. Thus, these findings give a strong support to the concept of game put forward, designed, developed and evaluated in this project.