D9.1 Cross-cultural aspects of experience of digital game play

This deliverable reports on two studies conducted at the Dundee User Centre, in the School of Computing at the University of Dundee, in Scotland. One study addresses the attitudes of a group of older people towards digital game and their situated play of digital and non-digital games. The other study gives an account of a game play and creation session in which older people created themselves a number of games and played them by using the platform developed in the project (http://worthplay.upf.edu/game). The results are discussed in terms of meaningful play amongst older people. From a cultural perspective, we argue that, contrary to some expectations, more similarities than differences were found in the attitudes towards games and play amongst the older people who participated in this study, and those who partook in Barcelona. This deliverable also includes, as an annex, a review of some relevant papers related to the project and a discussion on game accessibility guidelines with older people.