Introducing elderly students to ICT in a meaningful and playful way

The WorthPlay platform and games turned out to be a highly successful way of introducing elderly students enrolled in a course on topics of general knowledge to ICTs. The activities were carefully designed by the teacher of the course at l’Escola de Persones Adultes La Verneda-Sant Martí, with the support of members of the GTI research group at UPF. The teacher learned how to use the platform in a couple of informal sessions. He also created two games with questions regarding basic mathematical operations and geographical knowledge (e.g. oceans, rivers and mountains). The researchers introduced the elderly students to the use of tablets with the aim of playing the games proposed by the teacher. Most of the students had never used PCs before. Thus, as you can imagine, when participants answered the questions correctly, and in these new devices, they were all very happy and excited. 
Two further sessions were designed to have the elderly students create their own games with the WorthPlay platform.  By doing so, they were highly motivated to draw on their own knowledge, search for more information and share their own ideas for creating and playing games. They also reported feeling more confident with themselves when it comes to using tablets and had a whale of time while learning and playing the games. Most of them pointed out that they would like to keep using WorthPlay in the course.