Second phase of Worthplay development ends

The Worthplay team is currently finishing the second phase of technical implementation. Improvements and new features of the Worthplay system and interface include:
Multi-language support. The system deployment allows the user to select in the interface language. Worthplay is currently available in Spanish, Catalan, and English, and new languages can be incorporated in the system using a non-technical translation file.
User-oriented redesign of the existing activity editors and player interfaces. New functionalities use fully integrated external APIs. Now users can search and add URL links, images, YouTube videos, Google maps and Wikipedia articles both when creating and answering activities, through custom, easy-to use interfaces integrated in the same Worthplay design. Integration with Google maps API allows a new type of microactivity, “map questions”, where authors can pose questions on maps and specify answers as points on a map. Players can select their own point as answer, and see on the map the correct location and the other points suggested by other players.
Integration with SAGE. Developed by IIIA-CSIC, SAGE is an intelligent learning system that tracks the choices and actions of the players and suggests activities prone to appeal each individual player. Now Worthplay uses the SAGE recommendations in a new type of playing mode that combines randomly-suggested and SAGE-suggested activities. 
The Worthplay Platform is here.