ICT and Folk Parties: The Game

As part of the Worthplay project, the Àgora participants have created a knowledge game about Spanish folk parties. During spring 2012, 5 participants of the Worthplay game club, created the questions of the first version of the game. The game encouraged participants to use ICT resources as youtube, google maps, sharing images, and email to answer a set of  folk party questions.
Some weeks later, a group of 16 participants of the ICT class, who were not especially interested in digital games, played an analogue version of the game in groups, to practice their ICT skills while enjoying sharing memories about Spanish folk parties. In the analogue version of the game, one of the authors of the game acted as the judge of each group, the judge provided the questions one by one, assessed their answers, updated the score of the group in the ranking, controlled the timing of the activity.He was the game platform.
The activity was conducted in order to validate the idea of a knowledge game-based platform, among elderly participants, and especially among those who are not really interested in digital games. According to the observers and participants, the activity was a complete successful, participants enjoyed the session, they sang folk songs (See video), danced, remembered, and practiced ICT skills playfully. At the end of the activity, one of the participants said, “I enjoyed the activity, I was active with different things coming up all the time,  but I don’t like games”. And it also give us clues about how the digital platform should be developed.
After few months developing an early version of the platform, the digital version of the Folk Parties Game came to light in December 2012. 22 participants, between 60 and 75 years old, 11 men and 11 women, enjoyed the game, and they even created new questions.
A second group of 8 women, in EspacioCaixa Madrid used the game as part of their ICT classes.
The game is still available at the platform and can be played by anyone interested, special thanks to the Worthplay Game Club participants who came up with this fantastic idea.