Using WorthPlay to introduce older people to ICT

Two introductory courses to ICT used WorthPlay as a tool for learning how to use them in Àgora. 24 participants took part in the sessions, 15 female and 09 male, which were carried out on the 14th, 21st and 23rd of May. Most of the participants had used computers for less than one year, and six of them had more experience with them.
Both groups played the game “Conoces la Verneda?”, which focuses on sharing their memories of a Barcelona’s district, La Verneda.  Most of the participants live in La Verneda, and this makes the topic both familiar and interesting for them.  The activity aimed to introduce and familiarize the participants with some Internet applications. In the sessions, they were encouraged to search for images, use YouTube, interact with maps and search for information on Google and Wikipedia. This exercise was an opportunity to evaluate the Activity Recommender System, SAGE, of the WorthPlay platform. SAGE applies a recommendation algorithm to adapt the game to players’ preferences and skills.
The participants enjoyed the activity, and recognized the value of WorthPlay as a tool for learning and keeping the brain active. Female: 61 “The game is useful to exercise the memory and learn things. There were things from the neighborhood that I didn’t remember, when I played the game, they came into my mind”. Female, 61: “I liked it a lot. It’s useful to learn things. I’m new in the neighborhood so I have learned things I didn’t know about it.”. Male, 65: ”I liked the activity. Throw the game I opened the Web of a newspaper, I thought it was very interesting.”