WorthPlay @ Obra Social de la Caixa

The WorthPlay project has developed an online platform which enables both older people and members of their social circles to develop and play meaningful games. During the last months, a number of games have been created and played by older people in several settings, including Àgora, in Barcelona, and EspacioCaixa Madrid – one of the centres managed by Obra Social de la Caixa in Spain.

Worthplay @ the human rights festival in La Verneda

Researchers working in the WorthPlay project participated in the “Festa Drets Humans”, which took place in the Sant Martí Civic Centre, (Barcelona) on the 14th of December 2012. The current version of the game was played by people from different nationalities, who explored and shared information about how people in their countries, cities or towns celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve by playing a game. This was an extraordinary opportunity to evaluate one of the first versions of the WorthPlay game.

Co-design activity in a course about tablet computers

A co-design activity took place in Agora on October-10, 2012. The session took place in the adult school and used a functional prototype of the WorthPlay platform. During the activity the participants played a game titled “Masters of the tablets”, which focuses on improving their knowledge about tablet computers. The participants were regular students from the school and had being working with tablets pc for over 6 months. The activity contributed to their understanding of the device and its different functionalities.

Simulation of a WorthPlay game in a public event at La Verneda

On the 15th of June 2012 researchers working in the WorthPlay project participated in the “Festa fi de curs” which was organized by Àgora to celebrate the end of the academic year. The event, which took place in an open public space in La Verneda, was the occasion to conduct a co-design activity in a real-life context. The goal of the activity was to simulate the model proposed for WorthPlay in order to validate it before proceeding to its implementation.

Ethnographical research on everyday digital game play by older people

In the last three months, researchers working in the Worthplay project have conducted an ethnographical research with the aim to understand older people relationship with digital games. The study has been carried out in Àgora, an adult educational centre in the Sant Martì district, in Barcelona. Participants have been recruited in several different courses that are regularly carried out in the centre, e.g.

Issue 8 of Lychnos, Notebooks of the Fundación General CSIC

Issue 8 of Lychnos, Notebooks of the Fundación General CSIC, published in March 2012, presents the results of the survey on R+D & ageing conducted by Fundación General CSIC, and features a description of the 5 projects awarded with funding in Proyectos Cero 2011 en Envejecimiento, promoted by Fundación General CSIC, with the support of La Obra Social “la Caixa”.