WorthPlay: Final Reports Available!

The final reports of the research conducted throughout the WorthPlay project are freely available. The reports, one for each partner (GTI-UPF, IIIA-CSIC, DMAG-UoD), and written in Spanish, summarize the work done over two years, which has been a mix of ethnography, participatory design, accessibility, game design and development, artificial intelligence, adaptive games and cultural analysis. We hope you enjoy reading them!

The WorthPlay Brochure is now available

You can now download the brochure of the project!
The flyer provides a brief overview of the project objectives, activities conducted and the platform developed.

WorthPlay in Scotland

In mid-July 2013, we conducted a study of WorthPlay in Dundee, Scotland. The study was carried out at the Dundee User Centre (an informal "drop-in" centre for older adults keen to learn about computing and modern digital technologies) based in the School of Computing at the University of Dundee. The aim of the study was to observe attendees at the centre playing and creating games on the WorthPlay gaming platform, to gather their feedback on their experiences, and to identify the similarities and potential cultural differences between game playing in Scotland and game playing in Spain. 

Why is WorthPlay so useful for introducing older people to ICT and for educational purposes?

We interviewed the teacher of the course to know their opinions on the experience and the WorthPlay platform.
Do you think the WorthPlay platform is easy or difficult to use? “It is very easy to learn how to use it. For this group of people… most of them have never used the computer. And they have succeed in doing it… there is no need for knowing complex tasks… it allows you to do more than you can imagine”

Introducing elderly students to ICT in a meaningful and playful way

The WorthPlay platform and games turned out to be a highly successful way of introducing elderly students enrolled in a course on topics of general knowledge to ICTs. The activities were carefully designed by the teacher of the course at l’Escola de Persones Adultes La Verneda-Sant Martí, with the support of members of the GTI research group at UPF. The teacher learned how to use the platform in a couple of informal sessions. He also created two games with questions regarding basic mathematical operations and geographical knowledge (e.g. oceans, rivers and mountains).

A WorthPlay game to share neighborhood memories

The WorthPlay game Sharing Neighborhood Memories has been played during a public event, which was organized by Àgora to celebrate the end of the academic year.
The game aims to elicit storytelling by asking participants to answer a set of questions about the story of their neighborhood, La Verneda. The questions have been created by older people in previous activities (e.g. ICT classes, co-design activity).

Second phase of Worthplay development ends

The Worthplay team is currently finishing the second phase of technical implementation. Improvements and new features of the Worthplay system and interface include:
Multi-language support. The system deployment allows the user to select in the interface language. Worthplay is currently available in Spanish, Catalan, and English, and new languages can be incorporated in the system using a non-technical translation file.

Literary gathering

Worthplay has explored the use of knowledge games in a literary tour, to extend the spaces of literary gatherings.  In the late Spring 2012, 11 participants were involved in the creation of literary tour about La Plaça del Diamant book by Mercè Rodoreda in Gracia neighborhood in Barcelona. They created two groups, and during two sessions, each group created a set of geolocated questions for the other group. During the third session, each group followed the route created by the other group, and answered the questions.

ICT and Folk Parties: The Game

As part of the Worthplay project, the Àgora participants have created a knowledge game about Spanish folk parties. During spring 2012, 5 participants of the Worthplay game club, created the questions of the first version of the game. The game encouraged participants to use ICT resources as youtube, google maps, sharing images, and email to answer a set of  folk party questions.

Using WorthPlay to introduce older people to ICT

Two introductory courses to ICT used WorthPlay as a tool for learning how to use them in Àgora. 24 participants took part in the sessions, 15 female and 09 male, which were carried out on the 14th, 21st and 23rd of May. Most of the participants had used computers for less than one year, and six of them had more experience with them.